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Interview with Monica Forte ,     Owner of 

Making MAGICAL Vacations Travel :

What sets Making MAGICAL Vacations Travel from other leading travel companies? Experience!

We are experts, we aren't agents, we are "Magical" Specialists (we are currently in the process of obtaining our EARMARKED status from Disney destinations) in what we do and that is Disney Travel! My family and I LOVE all things Disney, that we travel to Walt Disney World at least twice a year! For the past 8 yrs we have visited WDW at least 73 times and counting. With that kind of knowledge, I am able to help any client plan an extraordinary vacation so you can make priceless memories. WDW and any Disney Vacation can be very complex, especially when you only visited the parks maybe once or twice in your life-time or 5,10 or 20 yrs ago.

That's why having someone knowledgeable is KEY!

Disney Parks have evolved so much over the years . With the additions of their themed resorts and its parks to the expansions of these parks, along with the addition of magic bands,dining plans, memory maker etc.. families or couples have no idea where to start! 20 yrs ago no one heard of or knew what the difference was between Quick Service and/or PLUS dining plans. They didn't know what character dining reservations to choose from to selections of fast passes etc and some still don't . Making Magical Vacations Travel can help educate every client with the information along with providing the tools you need to not only plan, but to navigate and execute your magical vacation without the confusion and complexity. I help my families every step of the way! Something that other leading travel companies simply can't or won't offer, because they themeselves maybe have visited only once or have never been! You need to ask yourself

Do you really want to work with someone who doesn't or understand the job?

Our mission to our clients is that we want to be behind you when you are ready to have the thought of "Where will your dreams take you?" Life is too short and too demanding. Time with friends and family is a priceless commodity. Many things that have happened in our society lately has changed the way we think and feel about what matters most...I,Monica from Making Magical Vacations Travel , understand that mindset of not taking any day or minute for granted with my son and know first hand that life is precious, so we know when to grab those opportunities when they come along. We here from Making Magical Vacations Travel, wants to be there to help you grab that opportunity for your family and to help you get your dreams of travelling to the "happiest place on earth" become a reality! We're able to give our clients our one on one personal attention that most leading travel companies can't or won't offer because they lose the focus of what is most important and that is YOU the client.

We LOVE sharing our personal experiences and suggestions when talking and meeting with clients, however when it comes down to it, it's your vacation. Social media will have groups/pages/boards that will have anyone and everyone commenting their opinions, even friends and family will add their own opinions to the point that when you are ready to go , you're unsure and not confident in executing your own vacation and many families simply won't go because of someone else's mindset. For that reason alone, you need to take ownership of your vacation and find someone who has the skills and knowledge you need , and that's Making Magical Vacations Travel. I have personally been selling Disney Vacations and being in the travel industry for 34yrs with 79 vacations to Walt Disney World in 14yrs.

How did you get into the travel business?:

Helping people has always been something my family and I love to do. My father had a heavy duty truck repair garage and sold heavy duty trucks that really started my career in travel off! I worked with my father in his business from the ground up at age 19 in 1989 to his untimely death in Fall of 2000.I was his office mamager, managing all facets of the office,managed the mechanics to selling heavy duty trucks. My father gave me the confidence in his business to work not only in the public eye but in a man's world where women seldom belonged. After my father passed I was hired by our local AAA travel office where with the tools of business that I learned from father, allowed me to be successful in helping families/senior citizens/first time drivers with all facets of travel and customer service..

From exotic trips,Disney travel,travel in general with many well known suppliers/ passports, notary, DMV paperwork, trip tixs, mapping,customer retention to emergency roadside service, I was able to help customers get from point A to point B which was and is still my speciality! Having my own family changed things and shifted my career from being in business to becoming a stay at home mom, however nothing ever shifted that change more than the birth of our third son that my career in travel had to come to a screeching halt. Caring for our son changed my perspective on everything. Never did I imagine that any form of nursing would come into my life as I never pursued that avenue. I never thought I could attempt caring for someone in that fashion, however one never knows how strong one must be to enter the arena when given the opportunity and when it came to our son's health that's exactly what we did! We gave him all we possibly could and more.

Once we felt confident that he was going to be stable and maintained in his current status, I decided with the advice from my co-workers and peers to get back in the travel industry but instead of working from a brick and mortar business I am able to work from home, while caring for my son as we await his multi-visceral transplant. I picked a niche and something I LOVE which other than my family has been Disney and the rest is history!

What services do you provide ?

We offer all of our clients time and patience in planning just the right magical trip. If our clients are local to us , we meet our clients face to face, with a consultation where they get to see that we are visible and available to them. We meet on an average 4-5 sometimes 6 times along with answering their texts messages or having numerous phone conferences among their family members if needed depending on the vacation. Meeting our clients allows us to get to know them , they get to know us as we get to understand together their wants ​and needs from going on a magical vacation. In this day of social media where everyone hides behind their phones and computer screens, I want our clients to know us as their personal and personable travel expert and that we are available should any need arise!

Whether our clients have been there , did it , done it or whether our clients have never been, all of our clients know we are always there for them. We are there when they feel they have endless questions that are important to them or there when they are unsure about decisions or activities while on property. We can assist them with planning dining reservations, flight arrangements, fast-pass selections, plus advise of when to visit the parks, what resorts might be the perfect fit for you and your family, what times of the year are perfect to visit, what special events you need to attend, how to navigate the parks from using the monorail, water transportation or bus transportation, what quick service restaurants families can select while in the parks...and so much more!

With the experiences my family and I personally have , I have been able to enjoy while visiting , we're able to create the perfect itinerary that is right for you and your family. While our clients are on vacation we are available 24/7 for advice/suggestions or modifications. From start to finish to when they start talking about their next trip!

We have since offer these services with our Preferred Vendors :

* Pet Sitting

* Private Transportation

* Cleaning & Maintenance

* Landscaping

* RV/motorhome Rental

* Passports/Visas

* Notary

Do you charge for your services and if so how much ?

By putting together a customized itinerary you now start to eliminate the complexity of planning the most magical trip. We're able to give our clients value from our "EARS" of expertise. All of our clients will receive not only a current year brochure but also park maps to each of the 4 theme parks, 2 water parks PLUS Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney and other entertainment & activities while on property that many guests don't realize is there! Clients like having something they can see , feel and touch so that they can visually see the quick service restaurants/table service dining options /attractions that are within that particular park and pick one of the 20 plus Disney Propert Resorts . I'm able to provide them what they need.

The expertise and knowledge we give all of our clients comes from the many years our families have visited and enjoyed staying at the many Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks. Those of us who have visited at least once knows just how overwhelming visiting can be, however knowing that someone is there with you every step of the way, brings comfort and peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones will have priceless memories that will last a lifetime and not forget to take in most of the magic that Disney has to offer. From knowing the times of the castle shows/parades/fireworks to character meet and greets, having someone knowledgeable is the key to having and making the most of your magical vacation that Disney has to offer and ready to plan your next return visit.

Because we provide such a detailed oriented service we do charge a cancellation fee should the client decide they will not be traveling and would like for us to cancel their resort reservation package. This is an industry standard . A 10% fee will be imposed that is non-refunadable. Once the cancellation of the resort package is cancelled, any and all dining and fast pass reservations along with any soecial event reservations will be cancelled immediately.

What is the difference between your company and online booking companies ?

Clients will shop around, as with anything you are looking for the most value for your hard earned money. Just as I look to someone when I want to buy a car or look for a doctor or dentist , I too want someone with the education & skills that I feel I can know that person, like and trust and feel confident in spending my money with that someone. When looking for a travel agent or someone that can help with any of your travel needs you should stop and ask them a few questions:

How long have you been a travel agent?

Our answer is that we aren't agents , we are "Magical" Specialists and with that there is a distinct difference. I personally have been a "Magical" Specialist and Professional Travel consultant 34yrs and counting!

When was the last time you have visited WDW or any Disney Destination? (ask the specialists about the destination you are looking to visit).

Online booking companies are just call takers and or telemarketers that aren't even travel agents. (Although travel agents by law do not have to carry a license, many seasoned travel agents have been educated and continue to educate ourselves as the world of travel forever is changing, therefore having accreditations is important when selecting someone you will want to handle your travel needs). Many of these online booking agencies that hire call takers or telemarketers have never been to the destinations that they are selling, instead they read from their computers screens as to what they have to read when you call to inquire. If you have questions in regards to the packages they are trying to sell, they are usually stumped and basically can't and will just thumb along making up as they go wasting your time and money but especially they are insulting your intelligence!

Should you need to make changes or modify the package, you are basically out in the water as they can't change the package : it is what it is! They will charge for everything under the sun! If you try to contact the same person who you booked the reservation thru well good luck in trying to find that person, especially when you might need them on a Friday night after 5pm and they reopen Monday at 9am!

When having a Disney Specialist and Professional Travel Consultant you know your vacation will be in good hands. Our clients know they can contact us day or night , after hours by phone/cell phone/email or through our social media contacts. We are able to assist our clients , modify their reservations along with price matching and discount monitoring. The price we quote our clients will more than likely not be what we originally quoted them based upon what offers have been released and if it falls within their time of travel. Why may you ask ?, because with Disney, Disney offers so many great packages that can fit any budget, that we are able to save our clients money. Having someone as a "Magical" specialist at the helm will make sure that if the conditions are right and your travel arrangements permit with the booking windows that Disney has to offer, you and your family can save some money. In many cases we are able to save our clients money off their packages.

Our expertise will be able to :

* Modify Reservations

* Personal Consultations (in person or over the phone)

* Email/Phone/Social Media access 24/7

* Price Matching

* Discount Monitoring

* Navigate all 4 theme parks and all resorts to suggest activities: such as excursions/special events/dining etc.  


We bring you years of our destination expertise, discounted hotel rates and airfares, all-in-one package deals, and exclusive specials and promotions. Helping you determine your budget and distilling your options is the first relief that comes with working with a professional.

Savings: Think a travel consultant or specialists is too expensive?

Think again. Rather than paying more for your vacation, you are likely to pay less and get more. A good travel specialist is your advocate and puts your interests first.

Peace of Mind:

Finally, your travel specialist is there for you before, during, and after your trip. And that bonus peace of mind. So, where have you been considering? A tropical island? Mexico? A Mediterranean cruise or tour of Europe? Simplify your decision-making by contacting your travel specialist today.

Benefits of booking with Making MAGICAL Vacations Travel:

When you book your Vacation with us, you receive:

Personalized Service-

Why trust your vacation to a generic call center? What's the difference between booking with an online travel company ( Orbitz, Expedia, Book IT, Hotwire, Priceline etc..) and & Making Magical Vacations Travel ?


You will have ONE person,ME to deal with. ONE person accountable for your vacation.ONE person to handle all the details, questions, and follow-up. NO FACELESS BRAND here! ...Nothing is worse than booking a vacation and having added stress and hassles dealing with a FACELESS person in a call center who doesn't know you, and isn't familiar with your reservation the destination you are looking to travel to. 

Ask yourself the next time you are looking to vacation will any of the employees that works for a BIG BOX STORE that sells groceries and clothing or any of the "faceless" brands give you their personal phone number, that in the event before during or after the vacation ends to call them if you have a question or in need of their assistance? NO!

There's no benefit to you, the customer, to pay the same price (or more) for generic un-personalized service, when you can have one of our qualified and knowledgeable agents working for you personally.

* Can any one of those FACELESS brand companies service your problem at 5pm should your flight be delayed or cancelled ?

* Can you get a hold of the same person you originally booked with from those FACELESS brands ?

Price Matching-

Seen a better price online? Please give us the chance to meet or beat it! Simply forward your Making Magical Vacations Travel "magical" specialist your price quote. We are able to match prices on Expedia, Orbitz, etc.. So you win! You get the best price, PLUS the service of a travel professional, and not just an impersonal call-center.

Itinerary Planning Assistance–

We've sent families from all over the U.S. and Canada to Disney, as well as visiting there with our own families. Let us assist in your itinerary planning, and answer all your travel related questions. Why waste hours searching for answers online ? When we're just a phone call or email away. Our "Magical" Specialists have personally toured the many resorts/theme parks/attended ship tours and have been invited to special events from the many suppliers you love, such as Disney/ Carnival/Royal Caribbean/Sandals/Beaches/Universal, etc... We have invested our own time and money to further educate ourselves in the destinations we love... Because our love and passion for those destinations we sell , our "Magical" Specialists have done the work for you, with the numerous trips we all have taken personally we have eliminated the hardwork of researching, analyzing and confusion that it takes our clients of trying to plan the ultimate trip themselves...

Promotion / Discount Monitoring-

You will never miss out on any promotion or discount when booking with Making Magical Vacations Travel . We take our clients' vacations seriously, and treat them as we would our own. No one wants to overpay, or miss out on a promotion. With Making Magical Vacations Travel you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you got the best price!

My family really wants to go to Disney how much is it?

There is a lot to consider when wanting to go Disney or any other destination.

Which Destination? California/Florida/ Cruise /Adventures by Disney or Aulani

* Time and length of travel?

* Budget?

* Type of Dining Plan: Quick Service or Character Dining?

* Type of Resort: Value/Moderate or Deluxe

* Base Tickets or Park Hoppers or Park Hopper Water Park & More and how many?

* Driving or Flying?

* How many days?

* Who is all going? Ages of all guests

* Memory Maker?

* Travel Insurance?

* Allergies or Disabilities?

Disney requires a $200 deposit at the time of booking the reservation (Disney Cruises and Adventures by Disney will have a different required deposit). Final payments are due 30 days before arrival! Disney has designed the payment system that way so that Disney Vacation Specialists can be of assistance when it comes to guests saving money. Once Disney releases its packages, our Disney Vacation Specialists get to see these packages before they go to the general public thereby should you have a vacation package booked, we are able to modify packages saving you money if it's within the special offer guidelines.

How early should we book a package?

The moment you and your family decide on going to Disney, that is the time a Disney Vacation Specialist should be contacted. Why ? Because the earliest you know about the how, where and the when you all would like to travel, will depend on what kind of packages are available at the time of your booking and especially what dining reservations we can obtain! Many guests will overbook dining reservations in hopes of landing the popular character dining selections. When guests do this, they will slowly release and cancel the ones they don't want freeing up the selections, leaving you only hoping your selections will come available and 9 times out of 10 will have no availability. However, because of this, Disney decided to now charge guests upfront asking for full payment at the time of making the reservation on the table services that require two allotments and will no longer accept TS allotments from the dining plan for Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue/Cinderella's Royal Table/Mickey's Backyard BBQ/Spirit of the Luau and all Table Service Restaurants that require 2 allotments due to no shows and cancellations!​

How soon can we start making dining and fast pass reservations?

Since the parks re-opened following the closures , Disney has certain protocols and procedures still in place as of 01/17/2023 such as Park Pass Reservations, although the dining plan has yet to return , Dining Reservations can only be reserved 60 days from your arrival, Fast Passes are NO longer a thing - instead Disney Genie+ is where guests can reserve certain attractions with a cost per person per day if guests choose, selections of attractions can only be made the day of entering the park and at 7am. Magic Bands are NO longer Complimentary and instead can purchased while on property or ordered through your My Disney Experience App at a discounted price with a limited selection and Guests NO longer have Complimentary Ground Transportation if staying on Disney Property. 

Is there any time the parks aren't crowded?

Disney has it peaks throughout the year of heightened attendance, that's why careful planning and detail must be considered especially during these special times. The holiday months of Halloween /Christmas/New Year's/Easter and July 4th can actually close the parks due to the heightened crowds. Each park has precautions to protect the safety of attending guests and will close the park in phases. My family and I personally have been to the parks at these certain times and have only seen this happen during Christmas and New Year's.

Other times of the year where heightened crowds can affect your travel is the federal holiday of President's Day, Spring Break and of course when summer vacation rolls around . Disney also hosts many special events, such as the ever popular Run Disney Themed 5ks/ Epcot's International Flower and Garden Festival/ Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party/ Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival/Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. However what many don't realize is that with Walt Disney World many different countries visit at different times of the year that might not at the same as the United States therefore expect moderate size crowds.

No matter how you look at it Disney will have some crowds.

Some of these events are free with your park admission while others do require the purchase of a special event ticket. Because of the popularity of some of these events , events will sell out quickly, therefore having awareness of these events at the time of your planning will make your vacation even more magical rather than being disappointed if you and your family weren't made aware.

Why do you LOVE Disney so much?

Many who LOVE Disney as much as we do, try to find a word that best describes what is it that keeps us coming back for more? Sure we have seen it/did it, so what is it? No words as yet of have been used to described the what !!! I guess for me and my family it's the feeling!

The feeling that for my family and I restores our faith/hope and pixie dust, that no matter what life throws at you, dreams can come true, if you just BELIEVE ! It's our happy place, it allows the mind to escape to the days long ago when the world and life were much easier. After having a child who inside is critically ill allows him to forget medical life, it allows us to be free and funny, where we can wear our shirts, costumes and EAR hats and be a kid again! 

The anticipation of knowing you have a trip booked building up to going on the trip to coming under the arch to seeing the Disney Bus transportation , riding the monorail or coming to castle and staring at it in awe! To capture all of its beautiful glory and priceless memories then its got to be "The Feeling".

Whether we are home or visiting, the thoughts of our memories vacationing there comes when we see a favorite Disney film or hear a favorite Disney song. No other form of entertainment can do what Disney does for and and the millions of guests over the 60 yrs., Many try to replicate it, but not one has yet been able to duplicate! The word that best describes Disney is for us is the feeling!

Making Magical Vacations Travel specializes in ALL Disney Vacations and to destinations through Adventures By Disney all over the world in helping families and couples plan to take memorable vacations so they can reconnect with each other and together we can craft abd create YOUR "magical" story of memories that will last a lifetime!

** DISCLAIMER - Please be advised that pricing and availability change day to day, and sometimes faster. Making Magical Vacations Travel is not liable if a consumer does not put a deposit down on a quote or service in a timely manner, and that room/flight/pricing is no longer available. Rooms etc. ARE NOT ON HOLD unless a deposit is made. **

All Music/Video is protected you will for sure find almost every piece of music used at the resorts and parks. All rights go to the original song owners (mainly Disney), Mousebits, and the people who shared these for everyone,as is our photos and videos.

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